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The Marley Benefit

The Marley Benefit on the 15th of March 2018 was a huge success. As Marley’s mum I want to thank absolutely everyone who was involved. We raised over 5800 Euros and donations are still coming in!

We had a simply lovely evening in Quinta do Paraiso, Carvoeiro with over 150 guests and enjoyed a fabulous meal. Not only that we had the pleasure of being entertained by the wonderful Big John, Abba Divaz and Daddy Jack Band. Not to mention who put the program all together... The one and only Danny Maverick.

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Ricardo Martins, manager of Quinta do Paraiso, ensured everyone had a marvellous time and we even managed to get a bus put together by a friend of mine at Vialgarve so no one had to worry about driving after one too many.

We had a fabulous raffle supported by many local businesses which everyone seemed to really enjoy and a fantastic auction featuring amazing items such as week’s holiday in the hotel, Sam Smith tickets donated by Direct Transport and a Man United shirt donated by the Tomorrow magazine. Not to mention our fabulous auctioneer Mr Peter Mills who really got the crowd bidding!

Despite some difficulties with some seating arrangements my friends and loved ones had a wonderful time and I also met some new faces and some great supporters of Marley.

Sadly Marley wasn’t able to be present as he just wasn’t well enough however so many fantastic individuals have already approached me wanting to be involved in the next fundraiser or making one of their own.

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Marley is currently undergoing treatment which is predicted to last the next couple of months. By which point we’ll be ready to make our way to Barcelona for his operation. We are fundraising for his current treatment and testing, his operations and once we are out of the danger zone we’ll be ready to equip the house for his recovery. We still have a long road ahead but this event really has given us a great start, more fight and we are so grateful for everyone’s love and support.

The evening was so jam packed I didn’t manage to say everything I wanted to in my speech so here it is below. If you’d like to be involved in fundraising please get in touch we’d love to hear from you!

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My darling boy...

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Good evening everyone

Firstly thank you everyone for being here this evening, it really is quite overwhelming all the love and support

Thank you to the wonderful Quinta do Paraíso, the staff and the fabulous Ricardo Martins who’s made this evening possible

Thank you to the wonderful acts - John, ABBA Divas, Daddy Jack and the wonderful Danny Maverick for all their support

Just want to take a moment and thank Marie Hindle who last Sunday ran a marathon in the torrential weather in Lisbon raising over 500 euros for Marley. I’ve said this before but you my dear are a super mum I’m very glad to know. You are such a super star!

To Laura for being Marley’s brain buddy and a wonderful inspiration to look too. Warriors must stick together!

Thank you to everyone who has got involved and spread the word. Thank you to the people who worked hard in organizing the event - a lot of work was clearly put into last night. 

Marley’s journey has been an incredibly hard one and my friends and loved ones - many in this room who have provided love, guidance and support that I don’t know how to put into words my gratitude

I wish Marley could be here but he’s just not well enough. He’s very tired and weak but he’s still the biggest warrior I know and my biggest honor in life is being his mother.

Only through this experience with Marley have I realized my huge responsibility to him as his mother and equally my responsibility to raise awareness for disability in the Algarve

I have met many other children during this process and I still haven’t understood why this is our battle and others are suffering the same or with worse. But I do know to be standing here today is the reason. To fight this battle and give of ourselves to others fighting too.

He is a wonderful little boy and an inspiration to me and many of you. Thank you again and have a lovely evening

The Marley Benefit

With Thanks...


Alvor Golf Shop

All Beef

First Class Art

Villa Prana

Adventure Golf, Alvor

Vau Steak House

Lesley Wall of Karma Skin Care

Direct Transport

Alvor Fitness, Marie Marques

The Salon, Alvor

The Old Wrinklies Golf Group

Soames Fitness

Quente & Doce

Penina Golf

Steven Sutton of Tomorrow Magazine

Portimonense FC

Manchester United FC

Jacaranda Restaurant, Vau Beach

Paraiso Restaurant, Vau Beach

Big Reds, Alvor

Peter Mills

Danny Maverick

Big John

Abba Divaz

Daddy Jack Band

Ricardo Martins and all the staff and Quinta do Paraiso

So many more amazing people with the help in organizing, donations and love and support

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