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Tears of Fire

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Monchique your tears are seen and felt

With ash falling and roads that melt

Drops that pour into the land

Turning each piece into sand

Drenching all the water to the limit

Reservoirs dry with nothing in it

Scorching embers leaving the mountain dry

With licks of flame enrapturing the sky

Your tears of fire scatter down our way

The government placing guilt on ‘residents’ they say

Cool of heavens open we pray for soon

Eclipse the rays of this blood red moon

Thunderous energy has hit our earth

Which makes me question everything’s worth

More tears of fire sheds our way

Be strong Monchique for it’s your day

Wildfires in the Algarve

In August 2018 the Algarve was hit by wild fire with catastrophic repercussions for the community and continues to rage on.  Starting in the mountains of Monchique the fire now roars for over five days and has hit the neighboring towns of Silves and Portimao.

The fires have been made near to impossible to keep under control with the strong winds giving problems to more than 1400 firefighters.  Homes and vehicles have been destroyed alongside 17,000 hectares of land.  There have been over 30 registered injuries and many animals loosing their lives.

Most of the Bombeiros (fire fighters) are volunteers and working around the clock to keep the community safe.  Public appeals have been made to try and get provisions such as water, food and medical supplies.  Officially the Municipal Civil Protection Service has appealed for small bottles of water, cereal bars, energy bars, socks, burn cream and other medical supplies.  These supplies can be dropped off at local fire stations where they will then be transported to places in need.

There are also appeals for volunteers to have make meals for the firefighters and local evacuated communities.  If you feel you can help in any way whether it is a few bottles of water or even actually getting on the front and helping where you can I can't urge you towards a more worthy cause.

On a separate note...

I just read a comment from someone criticizing public action of marking themselves as safe through social media during the fires. I don’t know about anyone else but this came as an automatic screen on my phone before I could log into social media. The motive of the comment was to focus the attention on the hard working volunteers tirelessly dedicating every drop of strength into this nightmare. For which I don’t think any of us can repay and their value and selflessness is just breath taking.

But the selfless acts of the volunteers and simple acknowledgement of safety can’t even be compared?! I understand however I think it’s very important for people to realize the news of this fire is so so censored. No one understands it’s enormity.

‘Estrangeiros’ or ex pats like myself have had distant family phone them as they have no sense of its gravity of implication. Through social media even if it’s only through a few maybe by marking ourselves as safe it might draw some attention to the government meeting called via the Bombeiros due to how many months lost when Monchique was at high risk? Where are these so called prevention plans, implementation and investment?! So yes maybe by marking ourselves we can get more assistance like in California for example.

Lastly and MOST importantly surely this is a time to draw together. Give of ourselves and quite frankly stop the bullshit. When this dreadful catastrophe finally ends it may be these lasting social media ties which draws the attention of bodies who can actually put a stop to this arson...

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