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Quick Note to Say...

I haven’t posted in a while on the blog or on our YouTube channel because it’s been a rather rough few days. On many fronts it’s been challenging however having some time with our friends and family has given Marley and I some much needed refreshment.

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I’m going to hopefully spend some time over the next few days (when I have two hands free) to put more updates on our blog and fundraising pages.

I wanted to put up the happy video below online we filmed a few weeks ago on the channel and give myself a push to do some more videos and articles whilst putting a few feelings down about what doing this blog means to us.

The blog and videos give Marley and I a purpose. With being out of school over the past six months I’ve tried to not focus on my developing greys... I try and maintain an upbeat and proactive attitude in everything I do. And try and give of myself to others.

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Just because I don’t film our moments of darkness doesn’t mean they aren’t completely consuming some days. The sleepless nights, pain and worry are omnipotent. But we want to show the world that life is for living and focus on our positive even if it is just a minute of that morning or just being daft for five minutes.

Just like today for example I was meant to take my girl to be in a ballet show at the fair but Marley couldn’t go. He was up from 2-6am and had a very rough day so I couldn’t leave him. So she missed out yet again. I’m not going publicize every negative moment otherwise I’d never leave the dark cloud...

Marley asks me to film videos, he loves doing marley cam and it’s wonderful to see him smile. It encourages me to put some make up on and feel semi human. And to slap on a smile when I don’t necessarily feel like it. But isn’t that what all mums do?! Editing and writing has become an outlet for the both of us.

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So if you don’t want to watch or read it’s quite simple... don’t. I’m never going to follow a Pokémon blog if I’m not passionate about it but each to their own! This blog is an unpaid job which distracts us on our darker days and I feel it helps others too.

Just because I capture the smiles and push the positive doesn’t mean it’s an easy journey. Quite frankly it’s the hardest journey I’ve ever had and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It would have been really lovely to write articles about gardens and cooking but you can’t live in the ‘what if’...

And most importantly for everyone who visits, messages and helps out your love and support means the absolute world.

Marley is my one and only and for now... We are on our way 

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