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Beef Fajitas and Pesto Mayo

Dinner times can sometimes be a tornado of pressure to get kids to eat, feed them the right foods and yet not turn into the psychotic mother counting mouthfuls which must be fulfilled. The moment I surrendered to the fact my children resembled small primates rather than angelic and etiquette adapt individuals, my life became easier.

I decided to make my children hands on during meal times. Lay out the plastic table mats and have a packet of wipes and just let them go for it. Texture and colour whilst letting them get as involved as they wanted to. I generally find the more responsibility I give to them; the more likely it is for them to actually eat it.

This recipe is for barbecue beef fajitas with pesto mayonnaise. Mexican food is great for children as it’s full of colour, the varieties are endless and you don’t have to use any spice. Whilst I was making this meal Lilia decided to play in her castle instead of helping. Her Frozen inspired cubby was under the coffee table with some fairy lights and Marley was sous chef for the evening.

Peppers are a staple in Mexican food and a really good tip for cutting them is chopping off the end and turning the pepper upside own. Cut horizontally down the sides of the pepper which will reduce wastage and not have any little seeds stuck to your pieces. This is better described in the YouTube video so check it out below!

During this meal time was the perfect example of how I utilize the one touch rule. Cleaning up as I go so after meal time I can simply relax and enjoy my evening and not worry about the kitchen. The rule is simple if I have a dirty saucepan I don’t leave it in the sink to then put in the dishwasher. I rinse it and put it straight into the dish washer – one touch. I take the peelings from my chopping board and immediately put them in the bin – one touch. After my meal I put my plates straight into the dish washer – one touch. And so on. It even works with washing for example I’ll take my clothes off the line and place them one touch directly in the drawer they are meant to go. Once you get into the habit of cleaning with the one touch routine you’ll never do it any other way!

In this recipe I used two frozen goods from one of my batch cooking sessions. My homemade pesto sauce which is made from 50g pine nuts or cashew, lots of basil, 50g parmesan, 2/3 garlic cloves and 150ml olive oil blasted in a blender. I normally times this by 4 and freeze it in batches as a great staple for many recipes. My other frozen base is my homemade tomato sauce. I make huge amounts of this as during the summer as we get so many tomatoes coming out of our ears on the farm. If I don’t have the time to cook the sauce I will freeze the tomatoes individually too. It’s a fantastic base for pastas, pizzas even homemade ketchup!

I used organic beef for this recipe as I’m trying to fill the kids with protein at the moment. I haven’t been eating a huge amount of meat recently as I’ve gone off it a little but the fresher you can obtain meat the better. The difference in water content alone is just incredible. Fresh local produce is always the way to go. Don’t pay a doctor; pay a farmer to keep you healthy!

The obsession over making vegetables fun is very prominent for us at the moment. For this recipe I used a side of sugar snap peas. Also delicious as a cold snack. With these ones I boiled them quickly and added a little lemon juice and a tiny bit of butter. Simple and beautiful. I don’t add salt to anything and as long as you season well that is absolutely fine. Keeping salt levels to a minimum is really important to me.

The Recipe!

So with all that said here is the recipe. Give it a go and tell me what you think!


1 lemon

Sugar snap peas

½ a bunch of coriander, finely chopped

Olive oil

1 onion, finely chopped

2 peppers, chopped into slices

150g of lean beef steak, sliced and all fat removed

Fajita seasoning (homemade with salt, piri piri, mustard seeds etc)

Home made tomato sauce

Home made pesto sauce


For serving cheese but you can also use sweet corn, salad, chillies... the options are endless


1. Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan or griddle pan and cook the onions for about 8 mins until lightly charred and slightly softened. The peppers will need around 6 mins. Remove to a warmed serving dish.

2. Dust the steak with the fajita seasoning and some black pepper, and then add to the pan. Cook for 2-3 mins, depending on how rare you like it, and then add the tomato sauce.

3. Simmer for 5 minutes

4. Add the mayonnaise to the pesto sauce

5. Meanwhile, warm the tortillas following pack instructions. Serve the steak with the peppers and onions with the tortillas, any extras you choose and the pesto mayo.

6. Boil the sugar snap peas for 2-3 minutes and add the lemon juice and butter as the perfect side dish.

Check out the recipe on our YouTube channel!

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